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Shore Design publications do not have a "look." Each catalogue and book has a unique design sense and style. Ron's sensitive treatment of typography reflects his early graphic design education, prior to the introduction of personal computers. This is evident in the kerning, and letter spacing of the words. Each line of text is carefully set so there are as few hyphenated words as possible. The justified or ragged type is not only pleasing to the eye, but also easy to read. Ron's page layouts never overpower the images. His designer ego is kept well in check.

At the beginning of each project, a schedule is set up. A deadline is just that... a deadline. Ron personally works on each step; from the initial client meeting, through the design and layout, typography, pre-press, bluelines, and if the client requests—the printing, bindery, customs and shipping. If the client would rather work with their own printers, Shore Design can be still be contracted to produce the design, type and production of the publication. If requested, he personally meets with the client and with the use of a portable color corrected light booth, reviews all color proofs so that the final reproductions are up to the highest standards. Shore Design can also provide fine art photography, writing, editing and proofing through a talented and experienced pool of professionals. Also available are a network of stateside and overseas printers that Ron has personally worked with for years. If Shore Design provides the printing, the quote will usually include an on-site press check. If the client purchases their own printing, and if requested, Ron can still be contracted to supervise the pre-press and printing.

Through Fine Arts Press, Shore Design can provide many of the benefits of a publishing house. This includes sales and distribution of the client's publications through targeted emails to both wholesale and retail customers as well as a dedicated Fine Arts Press website. As books are sold, they are mailed out from Fine Arts Press and a record is carefully kept of each sale. Each month, the museum/client receives a break down of all orders, including the name of each purchaser along with a check for that month's sales. If the client would like to keep the inventory at their location, Fine Arts Press can provide a mailing label so the publications can be sent out from the client's location.

For more information on Shore Design, to receive a quote, printed samples or discuss an upcoming project, please contact Ron at 925.303.2860.