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Client Reviews

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shore Design on five separate publications: three exhibition catalogues and two major books. On each project I've found Ron to be an extraordinary collaborative partner, willing to listen to our needs-as well as our constraints, financial or otherwise-and to respond to them in a fresh and creative manner. Ron responds equally well to the unique characteristics of each project and develops a design concept that perfectly suits the needs of that project. His spare, clean designs are remarkably sensitive to the nature of the work and he always puts the art object first. He has the uncanny ability to find rich and telling details in works of art which he uses throughout the publication to underscore the importance of thoughtful looking-which is, after all, what art museums are all about.”
Harold B. "Hal" Nelson
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA

"As a designer of several catalogues for the Harn Museum of Art, Ron has brought the sensibility of a Zen artist to his work. The art object is primary; its presence heightened by ample space, enlivened by precise and unexpected detail. He uses text and color to move the eye and establish a rhythm through his books. Subtle and powerful at the same time, Shore's books are always a pleasure to read and to keep."
Kery Oliver-Smith
Curator of Contemporary Art, Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida

"Ron Shore has worked on some of our most challenging books in terms of schedule, content, and art quality. I have confidence in him to overcome all obstacles to deliver a first-rate product on time. He is especially good at obtaining consistently excellent color in printed images."

Thomas Christensen
Director of Publications, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

"Over the past sixteen years, the Palo Alto Art Center has enlisted the creative force of Shore Design to create its most in-depth exhibition catalogues. To our delight, Ron has showcased the artists' work with an integrity of design that reveals relationships and details that are not always evident in an exhibition's installation. The crisp clarity in his page layout, elegant typography, true color, paper variations, and cadence are qualities that make his catalogues wonderful hand-held objects in their own right. It is always a pleasure to work with Ron for he is ever mindful of the individual aesthetic of the subject matter, as well as our budget constraints."
Signe Mayfield
Curator, Palo Alto Art Center