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Exhibition Catalogues and Books for Museums, Artists, and Collectors

Shore Design is an award-winning graphic design studio specializing in exhibition catalogues, books and other collateral for museums, art collectors, galleries and artists. Ron Shore’s publication design experience has spanned over thirty years and includes modern and contemporary
art, photography, Asian and African art, textiles, folk art, craft and decorative arts.

Ron works with clients from across the country. Since he personally designs every publication, your concerns and goals are easily communicated. Your project will never be handed off to a staff designer since there are no other designers at
Shore Design.

In 2008, seeing a need to help his clients sell and distribute the catalogues he has designed, Ron formed Fine Arts Press.
This partnership with Shore Design offers clients the option of taking advantage of the benefits of a publisher, most importantly in the area of wholesale and retail book sales/distribution through targeted emails and a dedicated website.

For more information on Shore Design,
to receive a quote, printed samples or discuss an upcoming project, please contact Ron at 925.303.2860.


Ron Shore Design

Ron has the uncanny ability to find rich and telling details in works of art which he uses throughout the publication to underscore the importance of thoughtful looking—which is, after all, what art museums are all about.
Harold B. "Hal" Nelson
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA